BBFC 2013

During the weekend from 25th to 26th May 2013 the international tournament Bučovice Blind Football Cup was held for the first time. Six teams of blind footballers played against each other. It was the first occasion at the European club tournament ever to watch the players of ICB Bahia from Brazil, the current paralympic winner and the country where the blind football started to develop. The mayor of Bučovice, dr. Radovan Válek, opened the event, welcomed all the teams and performed the first kick-off. The game of ICB Bahia against MTV Stuttgart on Saturday at 4 p.m. became the highlight of the tournament. Two main adepts for the overall victory, paralympic winners from Brazil fought against the team in which most of the players were also members of the German national squad. The match ended up with the well-deserved draw 3-3 after several turn-overs and was an impulse for shooting races of both teams during the rest of the tournament. The Brazilian team was more successful thanks to Jeferson Gonçalves, the author of 20 goals in total, and received the cup for the winner while the squad of Stuttgart had to accept silver medals.

Final standings of the teams

  1. ICB Bahia (Brazil)
  2. MTV Stuttgart (Germany)
  3. Worcester BFC (Great Britain)
  4. Avoy MU Brno (Czech Republic)
  5. FC St. Pauli (Germany)
  6. BSC Prague (Czech Republic)


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Photographers: Josef Kubíček, Silvie Hrbáčková, Helena Svobodová, Milan Duda