System of the Tournament

The two rounds system "All-play-all" will be applied. Teams get three points for a victory and one point for a draw. The final ranking of the tournament is determined by:

  1. total points
  2. goal difference
  3. goals scored
  4. points in head-to-head results
  5. goal difference in head-to-head results
  6. goals scored in head-to-head results
  7. decision by lot (or, in case both teams agree, a penalty shoot-out will be organised)

Playing Time and Rules

The tournament follows the international rules of blind football, published by the IBSA organization for the years 2013-2017. Each game will start exactly according to the schedule; there will be a break of 30 minutes. When a match finishes, the teams playing the next game can start warming up immediately.


François Carcouët (France), Piotr Skotnicki (Poland), Christian Jung (Germany) supported by Lukáš Másilko (CZE), Vladimir Vaďura (CZE)

Refs2020 Timekeepers - Vladimír Vaďura, Lukáš Másilko