Pirsos Thessaloniki


About us

Pirsos Blind Sport Union was founded in 1997 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is interested in sport activities for blind and visual impaired people. Its main objectives address to increase the participation of blind and visual impaired people in the sport activities and raise awareness about the different sport activities available for them. The Pirsos Blind Sport Union numbers around 50 members, who practice, train and explore the field of blind and visual impaired people’s sports. The Pirsos Blind Sport Union is not only interested in the sport activities conformed with the official IBSA sports but it is active also in the field of creation and development of sport establishments and equipment, in the organization and participation in local, national and international sport events and in outdoor activities, which promote the integration of blind and visual impaired into society through sports. Apart from these activities, the Pirsos Blind Sport Union collaborates with sport federations, organizations and unit all over the world.
There are multiple sports practiced by the members of the Sport Union, like: Football B1; Goalball; Swimming; Sailing; Chess; Athletics; Judo; Road cycling; Track running.