FC St. Pauli

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About us

FC St. Pauli´s Blindfootball Team was founded in 2006 as one of the two first teams in Germany. The biggest success so far was winning the championship in the German Bundesliga in 2017. At the moment St. Pauli is reigning Vice-Champion of Germany. Because of a long friendship to Avoy Brno St. Pauli haven`t missed a participation at Bučovice Blind Football Cup since the tournament was founded in 2013. The team is very happy to be invited to this world`s best tournament for the 7th time. The best placement at BBFC was a 3rd place in 2015. As BBFC is the only missing important trophy in the cupboard St. Pauli`s dream of dancing in Bučovice`s fountain one day is still alive.

What blindfootball means to St. Pauli`s team members

Michael: „…Blindfootball represents a great feedom for me. On the field I don`t need a white cane, a guidance or a guide dog. I am able to move freely without aid and whereever I want to.“

Nick: „…Blindfootball is a new physical challenge for me after i was able to gain World Cup experience in Triathlon.“

Paul: „…I have gained courage and self-confidence through playing blinfootball.“

Steffi: „…For me blindfootball means giving the possibility to girls and boys to do my favourite sport in spite of a handicap without hindrance.“

Philipp: „…For me blindfootball is an international topclass sport in which I can learn about other traditions and other countries.“

Matze: „…Everyone had such cool nicknames in handball. However, no one wanted to call me MatzeBummBatze. So I changed to blindfootball and hope that it will work out here.“

Mikel: „…For me blindfootball means competition and fun.“

Sven: „…Blindfootball is simply a great sport. I am happy having found it eight years ago. I love my team and saving balls for FC St. Pauli is a really good feeling.“

Rasmus: „…For me blindfootball is freedom and limitless movement. Through the sport I have goals in sight – I can constantly improve myself and am part of a team in which I can participate.“

Wolf: „…The collaboration between what you can see and what you are unable to see, old and young, male and female, is remarkable. A high performance is only achievable together. There are many differences that enrich and don`t exclude. The intensity of the sport is highly engaging. The drama, the pace and the unpredictability make it extremely interesting for viewers. The mutual collaboration and the challenging communication are fascinating and include many consciousness-expanding experiences for the participants.“